About Denny Grim

President & CEO
Business to Business Communication

Executive Producer

Sound Business Network

Education Chairman Emeritus

Annual Dinner Chairman Emeritus
Traffic Club of Chicago

“Lifetime Achievement Award”

TMSA (Transport Marketing & Sales Assoc.)

Founding Member

“The Supply Chain Blueprint”

Denny Grim is a person of influence, a consultant, a mentor and a connector to leaders in the marketplace. He is a “Storyteller.” He interviews Leaders and Legends in business, then using digital technology “creates” your story and delivers it to the most important people in business…that “Hand Picked” and “Targeted” audience that you can’t live without.

Denny’s company, Business to Business Communications is a Business Development and Marketing Communications Consultancy. They use “Story” to deliver key messages so that their clients can Get, Keep and Grow their people and/or their customers. Their market focus is Transportation, Distribution, Warehousing, Third Party Logistics and Manufacturing’s Supply Chain. Business to Business Communications’ clients connect and engage through Thought Leadership, Relationship Management, Network Strategies and Targeted Marketing & Communications concepts.

You have “a story to tell” but you’re not sure how to say it or deliver it or follow up with those that matter most. Denny does. He is a professional communicator. That’s who he is and what he does. He has a team of journalists, broadcasters and A/V specialists that deliver “your message” to the right people in the right place and at the right time. He has a “Business Development Strategy” that positions you as an industry expert and “Like A Magnet” draws customers so that they come to you.

Denny helps you talk – person to person; leader to leader. He cuts through the clutter like a hot knife in butter. Denny knows why business “goes away” and he leads the fight to combat indifference. Denny helps clients grow revenue five to twenty times more effectively than when using traditional marketing channels. If your goal is transactions you don’t need Denny but if you want to build strategic relationships that connect you with your target audience, then talk to Denny. He helps organizations strategically, through content and engagement marketing and he does it, one person at a time.