Business Development

Success requires a Business Development process that encourages accountability. What are you doing and how are you doing it? Do you have a strategy to grow your people and/or your customers? Does the marketplace see you as the most viable enterprise in your field? Do you stand out among your competitors? What about “Thought Leadership? Are you the leader in transportation and logistics that you want to be?

We offer HOPE and HELP so that leaders can mold the the culture of their company and stand out in the industry. We deliver results through concepts that play out in the marketplace. Collaboration, Connections and Communications are the initial tools that you can use to implement ideas and concepts that grow the organization and deliver to the bottom line. So, are you doing all you can to build your reputation, secure your role as the market’s “subject matter expert” and position your brand as the leader in your catagory? Business Development is more than doing things right, it’s about doing the right things.

“Do you have a business development process? Is it aligned with your company strategy? Are your people growing personally and professionally? Do you measure activity and hold yourself accountable for results? Next to your why, the what and the how of business is vital for your success.

We help transportation and logistics leaders focus on their people and the business development process in order to grow faster and go further with greater flexibility and sustainability. It’s hard to go it alone. We develop strategies that maximize budgets 5 to 20 times more effectively than traditional marketing methods. We know why 68% of all business that is lost, goes away. And we can fix it. We understand that technology offers a value that when managed well, will deliver curious prospects to your door.

And then; Collaboration, Connections and Communications are key to Business Development. Digital Marketing, Content Marketing and Event Marketing are the primary focus of Market Development. Finally, Talent Development (the third leg in the stool) is about investing in your people; Personal & Professional, Cultural & Organizational and then delivering HOPE (Helping Other People Excel) in developing the Skills & Education that are necessary so that your people can grow.

Doing things in different ways is essential in today’s technology driven market. We offer ideas and concepts but more than that we work with you and your team to deliver results. It’s more that doing things right. It’s about doing the right things.”


Collaboration by defination requires working together. As Iron Sharpens Iron, ordinary organizations are being transformed into exceptional enterprises. Knowledge turns to wisdom when you iniate and activate the input of advisors. Results are best achieved through Thought Leadership, Relationship Management, Network Development and Marketing/Media Platforms. Content Development and Story Telling deliver messaging so that our clients get, keep and grow their teams and/or their customers and when they do, everybody wins…employees, customers, providers and stakeholders.



Blogs, podcasts, audio, video and other ongoing content delivery methods are important tools to deliver messages that the market needs and wants. You are important too. The goal is to deliver content using personal and digital strategies. Speaking, interviews, white papers, customer testimonials and position papers are more options for “the message” to be delivered but nothing beats a face to face or the 1 on 1 connection. Select your target audience and be strategic. “Quality Introductions” play an important role in the connections process. Become a master digital connector and build loyal lasting relationships.



Get your message to the right people in the right place at the right time. Social Media and other tools of technology are fantastic ways capture an audience and “tell your story.” Work inside or outside of the organization with your network of professionals. Technology can deliver exceptional opportunities when managed by experts who are trained to deliver through SEO (search engine optimization) and other digital marketing tools that will make a difference for you. Cost-benefits need to be evaluated. Each activity can be managed on an project basis. Most outsource all or some technology.