Market Development

The classic “marketing mix” focuses on product, price, place and promotion. Market Development is more about leveraging knowledge to equip and educate your team to become advocates for your company and your customers. Business is about the customer’s supply chain. It’s learning to apply network opportunities with industry insights. Being involved in the marketplace to the degree that you become known and seen and respected, changes the perception of your organization. It’s not hard but the the investment requires commitment.

Developing your market and your company’s perception works best when you provide value with those who need to know…those who can impact your top line revenue. The key is to find ways to differentiate your organization from the rest, be identified as a leader among leaders and be considered an asset to the market you serve. It will work for you and it will work for your people.

Author, speaker and consultant Patrick Lencioni tells us in The Advantage that organizational health trumps everything else in business. So who matters most? Your people matter most. The culture around them matters too. It’s not as much about process or profit as it is about people. When you put your people first, they put your customers first. And when that happens your stake holders win. That hierarchy is imperative when building a business.

It is people just like your people and customers just like your customers that turn ordinary organizations into exceptional enterprises. So, if you empower your people and give them freedom from failure, they will respond to your encouragement, achieve success and discover their true purpose in your organization.

How can you reach the people that matter most to you?

Being in audio and video publishing and production for more than 45 years our job has been to observe, access and report on the people, the process, and the profits of leaders at companies in transportation and logistics. We’ve been blessed to work with some of the largest and most progressive companies and we’ve worked with some unique and smaller start-ups that have grown exponentially during that time. It has given us an insight into business values and cultural successes that have turned ordinary organizations into exceptional enterprises. Our HOPE is to share what we’ve learned with those who “need to know” so they can grow with their people and their customers.

Digital Marketing

According to market research from TMSA (the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association) digital marketing is one of the top three categories of spend among companies serving the logistics marketplace. Leaders understand the need to continually grow, reinvent themselves and connect with customers. Digital marketing allows organizations to present their message whenever a customer or prospect is online.

Leading companies are doing “everything digital” in marketing and communications. CRM and SEO are booming. Engagements with outsourced firms are providing the broadest spectrum of creativity. With a goal of business retention and new business development and driver recruitment, when it comes to “digital” research tells us that the investment pays off.

  • Web Sites / Webinars / e-News
  • Blogs / Podcasts / Audio/Video
  • Social Media / Lead Gen / CRM

Content Marketing

Story telling (parable) is the oldest and most effective means of communication. It’s good old fashioned “word of mouth.” Content is the rage when it comes to the internet. It’s quick, easy and gets results. Content Marketing delivers your message so that you can get, keep and grow your people and/or your customers and when you do, everybody wins…employees, customers, providers and stakeholders. Connect with those who need to know. “Tell your story” to those who matter most. Deliver your why. Share your purpose. Expose your vision and express your mission all while displaying examples of your company’s “core values” of: honesty, integrity and respect so that “trust” is earned.

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Event Marketing

People do business with people that they know like and trust. Relationships are the building blocks that are foundational for success in business. Connections begin at industry events and grow at association functions. Networks blossom when support is sustained through participation and sponsorship with industry events and activities. Leadership is established when you deliver valued content from the dais, as a panelist or from the podium as the subject matter expert. The strategy is to be known in your market. The goal is to connect colleagues, peers and friends to new opportunities. Volunteerism is part of the strategy.

Know that “truth builds trust” and that “givers gain.”

Digital Marketing, Content Marketing and Event Marketing are the 3 big budget items among today’s leading transportation & logistics companies.