Talent Development

What makes you different? What is your greatest asset? What is your competitive advantage? You are different because of your people. You have an advantage that no one else has. Your people are the “Difference Makers.” Motivated, educated and inspired talent is the key to the differentiation. Invest in your people. Treat them well. When you recognize their value and aplaud their and accomplishments, you create a desired culture for today’s workforce.

People will care about you when they know you care about them. And when they know you care, they are loyal, they respond and they replicate your culture. When you invest in your people, they invest in themselves moving everyone up and to the right. Customers want to do business with competent and talented professionals. A well trained, resourced and encouraged team benefits everyone; the company, the customers, the stakeholders, the suppliers and the marketplace that they serve. Make the investment. Experience the value of your people.

What is your legacy? What will your story be? Will you invest in yourself?

Where you’ve been matters. Where you’re going matters more: Establishing membership in 1974, it was a career changing personal and professional growth experience to belong to the Transportation Marketing and Sales Association. And then to be honored as the first recipient of only two Lifetime Achievement Awards that have ever been presented since the organizations founding in 1925.

TMSA is an affiliation focused on leadership and business development. The primary pillars of the organization include Knowledge, Connections, Recognition and Solutions. Membership includes the best and brightest in transportation and logistics marketing, sales, and communications professionals working among the best of the best in transportation and logistics companies throughout North America

It’s been humbling to walk the halls of famous brands that line the walls of this prestigious association and then to mix and mingle with marketplace professionals that exude the best in marketing, sales, communications, and business development. For those who seek to achieve in the industry that you serve, there is no finer network of professionals that you can call “friends.” As iron sharpens iron this professional affiliation will take you to your “Pinnacle of Performance – Your Significance in Success.” Invest in yourself. It’s the best investment you can make.

Denny has been audio and video publishing and production for more than 45 years our job has been to observe, access and report on the people, the process, and the profits of leaders at companies in transportation and logistics. We’ve been blessed to work with some of the largest and most progressive companies and we’ve worked with some unique and smaller start-ups that have grown exponentially during that time. It has given us an insight into business values and cultural successes that have turned ordinary organizations into exceptional enterprises. Our HOPE is to share what we’ve learned with those who “need to know” so they can grow with their people and their customers.

Professional Development

It is evident that some are motivated to move forward through education growing personally and professionally. Whether it’s street smarts, an industry podcast, a skills focused webinar or defending their disertation they are inspired to know more and learn more so they can share more. This is a valuable asset inside the organization but it permiates outside the walls of the company too. When your team is seen in the market, they are revered among their peers and your competitors. Companies want to do business with those who are smart, successful and lead in their field. It’s not just professional education or corporate profitability. It’s applying the wisdom of life long learning, inspiring others to do likewise and impacting the culture within the marketplace where we have built our career.

Network Development

Business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals have underutilized the function of their business networks when in fact it is the best gift that you can engage in. Most think that networking is about “using” our friends, family and coharts in order to “get business” and sell more stuff. In fact networking is all about giving back to a community of contemporaries when you have a value and they have a need. In reality “givers gain” but it is not a game of tit for tat. Truth is, it’s a strategy of multiplication. There’s nothing more gratifying than helping a friend achieve and succeed. Realistically the desire is to help more and more people every day. Providing HOPE and HELP delivers significant returns. It’s a core value among those who engage in network development within their strategic planning process.

Leadership Development

Leaders are like a magnet in a pile of iron filings. As iron sharpens iron (so one person sharpens another – Proverbs 27:17) leaders have a natural attraction. Leaders have followers (Craig Groeschel) and they have influence (John Maxwell). Having leaders on your team is like having a Royal Flush. The best leaders don’t just think about motivating their teams. The best leaders work to inspire. What’s the difference? Motivation is an external force moving someone forward. Inspiration comes from within. With the right leaders, headed in the right direction your organization will grow people, processes and profits even better and faster. Growing those leaders, encouraging them and recognizing their accomplishments is not an easy task but when done well, your success will be rewarded handsomely.